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As the summer days pass by, Walk Oakland Bike Oakland is eagerly awaiting the unveiling of Oakland’s first parklets. Inspired by programs in San Francisco, New York, and among other cities, WOBO advocated in 2011 to start a pilot parklet program in Oakland. The 40th Street Parklet, one of seven locations chosen for the pilot program, is featured in the latest issue of Temescal News and Views.

The 40th Street Parklet is a great location because of the high volume of foot and bike traffic through the neighborhood… Manifesto and Subrosa hope to enhance our neighborhood by building the parklet in an area where customers, employees, business owners, neighbors and passersby alike will benefit.

The seven parklets are expected to be built this year, hopefully some in time for Park(ing) Day!

Read more about the 40th Street parklet at temescaldistrict.org/In_The_News (pdf) and get updates at facebook.com/40th-st-parklet.

Visit our parklet campaign page to learn more about parklets or email Shannon to learn more about how to get more parklets in Oakland.

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