We want every person who lives, plays, and works in Oakland to feel safe and comfortable walking and bicycling, and to know how to make their neighborhood a better place to walk and bike.

WOBO Activities

WOBO works to promote walking and bicycling, and the best way to get walking and bicycling is to go with a group to discover the hidden and not-so-hidden gems throughout Oakland. Our partners, Oakland Urban Paths, and a few fearless ride leaders bring you something new every month. Always check our Facebook events for latest announcements!

Activism and Policy

WOBO designs and launches key campaigns to push for the city to make good on the bicycle and pedestrian master plans by actively participating in local planning processes, with the goal of ensuring that full bicyclist and pedestrian accommodations are included in the planning process.

Neighborhood Advocacy

WOBO helps neighborhood groups get the change they want by advising and connecting groups with the right teams in the city or the community, advocating on the community’s behalf with city leaders, and supporting implementation of projects such as Paint the Town and car-free Oaklavia events.


On Friday May 21 cyclists from each of Oakland’s City Council districts converged on beautiful Lake Merritt for fun, sun and fellowship.  Please enjoy pictures from the afternoon courtesy of Malcolm Wallace Photography.


Oakland Department of Transportation (OakDOT) has announced plans for the removal of protected bike lanes on Telegraph from 20th Street to 29th Street in the KONO (Koreatown/Northgate) section of Oakland. In their place OakDOT proposes buffered bike lanes, which it says can work as well as protected lanes in this particular case. 

WOBO and other cycling advocacy groups are working to save these protected bike lanes on grounds of traffic safety, verified public and commercial support for the lanes and sound business practice: sales in the affected area went up after installation of the protected bike lanes.  The issue goes before Oakland Public Works Committee on June 22 and the full City Council on July 6.  Please sign up for our newsletter for information on how you can get involved.


In early May, OakDOT staff Jason Cook shared the 2021 Citywide Striping Project draft plans with the BPAC Infrastructure Committee.  “The 2021 Citywide Striping Project consists of a series of enhancements and green markings to existing bike lanes throughout Oakland. We had funding become available that needs to be encumbered before the end of the fiscal year and saw this as an opportunity to put together a striping project,” Cook said.

Robert Prinz, Infrastructure Committee co-chair, added, “These are relatively small projects, mostly filling in bikeway gaps or adding on to and upgrading existing bike lanes. These projects do not include paving, curb ramps, posts, or other non-striping elements.”

The project areas are:

  • 35th Ave from International Blvd to Foothill Blvd
  • MacArthur Blvd from Boston Ave to Coolidge Ave
  • Washington St from 2nd St to 9th St
  • Market St at 7th St
  • E 12th St at 16th Ave
  • E 12th St at 22nd Ave
  • E 12th St at 29th Ave
  • W MacArthur Blvd from San Pablo Ave to 500ft west of Market St

For more information please go here.


WOBO is a volunteer driven, members based organization. Join us in making Oakland a better place for biking and walking by becoming a member or volunteering!


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