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1. What is your #1 priority to improve pedestrian safety and access in your district?

Rebecca Kaplan

Pedestrian safety and access are vital priorities in my work, both as Oakland’s citywide councilmember – and as Oakland’s representative on the Alameda County Transportation Commission (ACTC).  Specifically, this includes working to incorporate pedestrian safety improvements into multiple projects, so that broader funding also contributed to pedestrian safety. Upcoming transit oriented development projects, such as the Lake Merritt Bart plan, and other investments, are examples of my work to ensure that pedestrian safety improvements are included.  The pedestrian safety and access improvements I seek to support include well-marked and well-lit crossings, with adequate timing to cross, along with sidewalk repair, bulbouts, and curb cuts to ensure safe access for all.  In addition I fought for increased pedestrian safety funding in Measure B1, which we are now working to pass.

Carol Lee Tolbert

To improve pedestrian safety I will enact the following measures:

1. Traffic Signals in front of Senior Centers.

2. Mark crosswalks with blinking strips.

3. Add and maintain reduced speeds signs near senior housing complexes and senior facilities.

4. Work with OUSD to implement safety classes for students

5. Use KTOP to educate the public on pedestrian safety.

6. Host pedestrian safety classes at senior facilities.

I believe that these measures will reduce pedestrian fatalities or injuries.

2.  What is your #1 priority to improve bicycle safety and access in your district?

Rebecca Kaplan

As an avid bicyclist who rides as a way to commute to and from work and other destination, I understand how critical this issue is – and how our work to improve safety and access will reduce greenhouse gases and traffic congestion, and promote public health, by encouraging more residents to bicycle.  This must include secure bicycle parking – including staffed bike stations like the one that I’m working to start in the Uptown district – so that bikes are not stolen or vandalized.  Further, through my work on the City Council Public Works Committee and as Oakland’s representative on the ACTC, I’m continuing my advocacy for expanded and prioritized road maintenance (including pothole repair) for bike corridors and routes, to make biking safer.  In addition, I worked to obtain increased bicycle funding in Measure B1, to help us strengthen these efforts.

Carol Lee Tolbert

As a recreational bike rider, I find the intermittent bike lanes and poor signage discouraging and unsafe. Therefore, my number one priority to improve bike safety and access is to double the bike friendly signage, directional language and use of safety messages on KTOP.

3. WOBO has long supported a connected bike route connecting Berkeley, Downtown/Lake Merritt to West Oakland and through East Oakland to San Leandro.  What parts of that route will you help implement as Councilmember?

Rebecca Kaplan

I fully support area-wide bike connectivity, including working toward interconnected bike routes. Some of our recent successes include  work to improve the Oakland bike route connections to Berkeley’s bike routes, new improvements underway around Lake Merritt, planned and funded bike route improvements from downtown to east Oakland  (in coordination with Bus Rapid Transit plan development) and improved connections from Downtown Oakland to Jack London Square, and working toward improved connections to and across the Bay Bridge and with the bay trail.  I look forward to working with you to identify further corridors for upcoming prioritization.

Carol Lee Tolbert

As an Oakland City Councilmember, I will work to implement routes from the San Leandro border to downtown Oakland via International Boulevard to compliment the Bus Rapid Transit Project. I will also connect High Street and Fruitvale Avenue to the Oakland Waterfront Trail; thus enabling East Oakland and Central Oakland residents to enjoy the amenities of Jack London Square, Downtown Oakland, and the Estuary. Lastly, I will work to fully implement a Bicycle Master Plan. Since bike lanes were installed in 1999, progress has been slow.

Please add any other comments (100 word limit) after responding to the questions above.  

Rebecca Kaplan

I’ve enjoyed the privilege of working closely with WOBO over the past four years to increase bicycle and pedestrian safety, access, and prominence.  I see this partnership as critical to my work as a sustainable transportation advocate, as I use my work as Oakland’s citywide representative to enhance and expand the work that’s done on these important issues.  I was proud to help win efforts to include these items in the Countywide Transportation Expenditure Plan – and further, to fight for increased levels of funding for bicycle and pedestrian projects and programs.  This work will be enhanced through the passage of Alameda County Measure B1, which I have worked extensively to support. Finally, I am working with city staff, transit advocates and more to incorporate additional focus on transportation issues to the Oakland Planning Commission and City Council, and I look forward to continuing our collaboration on these important issues over the next four years.

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