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Have you seen the plans to improve community vibrancy, connectivity and safety in the Lake Merritt Station Area Plan? If not, check out the latest draft (July, 2012). It’s awesome, BUT there are a few problems. Even though:

  • The Planning Commission clearly indicated one-way roadways presented major barriers to safe, vibrant communities in November, 2011.
  • Community members have spoken loudly about the dangers of auto traffic speeds and difficult crossings, especially on one-way streets.
  • Major connections from BART and preferred transit routes to adjacent destinations such as Old Oakland, Jack London Square, Civic Center, Eastlake, West Oakland, Chinatown are difficult on foot and by bike.

The plan proposes delaying significant roadway improvements that can safely support increased foot and bicycle traffic, as well as improved auto traffic circulation; and some important details are going by the wayside. Fixes to the most egregious roadway segments in the area are being pushed out 6 to 10 years! The Bicycle Master Plan for improved street bicycling facilities through Chinatown is also threatened.

Council Members Kernighan and Kaplan need to hear support from you today. In just five minutes, you can let them know that you want improved walking and bicycling facilities in this area, and you want it sooner, not later. Send an email to Councilmembers Kernighan and Kaplan.

We’ll get the email started but you can personalize the message with who you are and why improving biking and walking conditions in the neighborhood is important to you. Use the email in the link above or personalize the message below.

Want to know more about the Lake Merritt Station Area Plan? Visit the project website or emailChris@wobo.org to learn more about Walk Oakland Bike Oakland’s invovlement in the planning process.


Dear Councilmember Pat Kernighan, Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan:

I, [as a member of WOBO/ neighbor / visitor / local business], applaud the creative and visionary elements in the Lake Merritt Station Area Plan that can transform the area into a regional destination. BUT deferring street improvements on critical active pedestrian links and delaying the re-conversion of significant one-way roadway segments to two lanes will hinder the ability of Oakland residents and visitors to get to the area as well as to adjacent destinations.

  1. The Plan must immediately prioritize the reconversion of the two-block one-way segment of Harrison Street to two-way, without deferring to Phase 2…a distant six to ten years out.
  2. Keep bicyclists safely moving with the flow of traffic through Chinatown core as designated in the Bicycle Master Plan. The Plan must address a permanent solution for better loading and unloading zones to mitigate dangers to auto and bicycle traffic.
  3. Anything else about the plan that concerns you.

I want the Lake Merritt, Eastlake and Chinatown and adjacent destination areas to thrive. But I want the areas to be safe and accessible to all users of the roadway.


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