California WALKS, “a statewide organization of affiliated nonprofit and volunteer groups dedicated to creating healthy, safe, and walkable communities” has put forth a letter to California’s Secretary of Transportation outlining the principles needed in Governor Jerry Brown’s proposed Active Transportation Program. We understand that these principles are necessary in order to ensure that walking and pedestrian needs are adequately addressed.

Walk Oakland Bike Oakland stands behind California WALKS in advocating for these principles, believing that standards need to be set in our transportation policy that ensure walkability. 

In their letter, California WALKS asks for the following: 

  • “Ensure Eligibility of Walking & Pedestrian Projects in Statute”
  • “Prioritize Safety & Address Inequities in Traffic Fatalities & Serious Injuries”
  • “Focus Investment on Mode Shift for Short Trips”
  • “Reward Localities for Pedestrian Planning & Assist Disadvantaged Communities without Resources to Conduct Pedestrian Planning”
  • “State & Regional Advisory Committees for Guidelines & Project Selection”
  • “Ensure Adequate Staffing for the ATP in the Caltrans Division of Local Assistance, Office of Community Planning, and the California Transportation Commission”

Click here for the full version of the letter. And stand with WOBO and California WALKS by tweeting your support for these policies to @JerryBrownGov

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