The Policy Committee coordinates WOBO’s campaigns and advocacy positions on City plans, policies, and reports.

  • Write letters commenting bicycle, pedestrian and transit impacts of proposed projects
  • Help prepare and organize speakers to influence Planning Commission and City Council decisions
  • Draft white papers and propose policies, work with decision-makers to propose and implement policies
  • Track important developments in bicycle and pedestrian policy
  • Participate in community outreach efforts for planning efforts
  • Work with neighborhood stakeholders to build consensus for bicycle and pedestrian improvements


Policy Watch

In addition to our two primary campaigns, Oakland Bikeways and Parklets, WOBO is also actively advocating on several other key issues and projects that are important to ensuring the success of these campaigns and our overarching goals. Check out a map of our current campaigns and advocacy issues.

Complete Streets Policy for Oakland:  Adopted in early 2013, this policy guides street design to accommodate all modes of transit. Implementation of the CSP is dependent on the City’s commitment, thus an advocacy role is key to its efficacy.

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Measure B: The Alameda County Transportation Effectiveness Plan includes a recommendation for a half cent sales tax to fund transportation. While there are several positive aspects of the plan – including increased funding for bicycle and pedestrian improvements and a county Complete Streets policy – and the funding is important to filling a gap, Walk Oakland Bike Oakland wants to ensure any money Oakland receives from Measure B is used in a way consistently with Complete Streets policy. If City Council approves recommendation, Measure B will be placed on the November ballot.