The 8th Street West Oakland Traffic Calming Project is seeking to transform the 1.2-mile length of 8th Street from Pine Street to Market Street into a quiet residential street.

Our Work

Although 8th Street in the Prescott and Acorn neighborhoods of West Oakland has a 25mph speed  limit, motorists have frequently exceeded that by 20 or even 40mph, resulting in cars hitting residential buildings or landing on residents’ front lawns.  Responding to safety concerns from residents, the City of Oakland is paving and redesigning 8th Street in West Oakland between Pine Street and Market Street, with the goal of reducing traffic collisions and speeding to make the street safer for residents, and more comfortable for users of all modes.

This will include the installation of seven traffic circles, 13 speed humps, hardened centerlines at five intersections, and a new mid-block crosswalk with a pedestrian safety island. The design recommendations are based on two rounds of community outreach and construction is currently anticipated to start in late summer 2023 and to finish in late spring/summer 2024.  WOBO is proud to work with the 8th Street community and the City of Oakland to help bring this about.

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