Parklets for People

What is a Parklet?

A Parklet is a miniature public park created by converting underutilized street parking or a red curb zone to expand the sidewalk and create a space for people to enjoy. A parklet is created by constructing a street platform level with the sidewalk. Benches, planters, bike parking, tables and chairs are often combined to provide a welcoming new public gathering place.

PARK(ing) Day!

RebarPosterEvery year, on the third Friday of September, WOBO and supporters around the world celebrate PARK(ing) Day, providing temporary public open space, one parking spot at a time!

You’ll find the origins of PARK(ing) Day here.

Below is an open-source map with PARK(ing) Day locations around Oakland and the East Bay that participated in 2017.

Want PARK(ing) Day, Every Day?

In 2015, Oakland OK’d 16 applicants for the 2015 Parklet Pilot Program!

Resources for approved applicants

Read more about Oakland’s Pilot Parklet Program.

Oakland Parklets: Present and Future

Current Parklets:

Current Parklets in Permit Process From 2014 Pilot:

2015 Parklet Pilot Program Accepted Applicants:

Council District 1

Council District 2

Council District 3

Council District 4


Why Parklets?

Parklets are public space, open to everyone to enjoy, sponsored and maintained by a nearby business or organization. Parklets can add greenery and art to beautify the street, increase bicycle parking, and provide additional public seating and creative space. By creating attractive public places to linger that are also stewarded by neighborhood establishments, parklets can increase the “eyes on the street” and contribute to better public safety while also building community.  Every parklet is different, allowing each one to express a unique vision of Oakland’s community and diversity.

Oakland’s Pilot Parklet Program
Cities and towns from San Francisco to New York have created pilot parklets or parklet programs. Thanks to the hard work of Walk Oakland Bike Oakland members and City staff, Oakland launched a pilot parklet program in the fall of 2011. The pilot sponsors include businesses, neighborhood groups and commerce districts. Six spots were chosen for pilot locations and an initial parklet permit process was created. As of June 2013, three have been fully completed and two others approved for construction. Similar to other cities, Oakland’s initial permit will be for one year, with up to two annual renewals contingent upon the permit holder fulfilling it’s maintenance agreement.

Neighbors enjoy Oakland’s 40th Street

Permanent Parklets For All of Oakland

WOBO is working to allow parklets throughout Oakland so that every neighborhood can choose to create more public space for community members and visitors.  We need to pass an ordinance that creates a permanent parklet permitting process to expand the program and establishes which City departments are responsible for parklets.  It is no small feat to pass a new ordinance through the City Council, but so far we have received supportive responses from Councilmembers – so we just need your help to build momentum and win Parklets for People!

Full Application | Parklet Information Flyer

Latest parklet updates from the City.

How you can help the Parklets for People Campaign
1. Support the pilot Parklets – help fundraise and build, or simply come out and enjoy!
2. Talk to your local business and neighborhood associations about hosting a temporary Park(ing) Day (In September).
3. Help us advocate for a permanent policy for more Parklets
4. Encourage your favorite local business, shop, café, or neighborhood organization to start planning for a Parklet.

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