Our Goal: build a bicycle and pedestrian moveable bridge connecting Alameda and Oakland.

Our work

Update Summer 2021:

In early 2021, after nearly a year of work, the City of Alameda got approval from the Coast Guard to proceed with the proposed bridge, and with help from BWA and BEB, they secured funding from ACTC to do a Project Study Report (PSR or PID). This important report should identify easements, look more closely at bridge design and details, and propose who will own which parts of the project. It should be complete by mid-2022.  For more information please see Bike Walk Alameda’s Bridge The Gap project page.

There is a critical gap for bicyclists and pedestrians traveling between west Alameda and downtown Oakland. Travel is currently limited to the Posey Tube walkway which is too narrow to accommodate wheelchairs — let alone a steady flow of bikers and pedestrians. Anyone who has traveled the tube has not come out unscathed, due to the unavoidable walls caked with soot from car traffic (imagine what that exhaust is doing to your lungs!).

Since 2016, WOBO has been working alongside multiple organizations (including Bike East Bay and Bike Walk Alameda) to advocate for a new bridge. This bridge would provide 24x7x365, convenient, and enjoyable access for everyone. Benefits would include congestion relief for commuters, increased economic activity on both sides, increased equity for the nearby underserved community, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and last but not least, a perfect opportunity to enjoy a leisurely bike ride or stroll over the estuary.

Bike Walk Alameda has been tackling this project since 2006 but the “Bridge the Gap” campaign was officially launched in May of 2016. Progress has been made including a positive feasible study, but we need your help to make this a reality.

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