Grand Avenue

Want Bike Lanes on Grand Avenue?

Oakland is repaving Grand Avenue in the next year and is not planning new bike lanes to connect Lake Merritt with the Grand Lake District and the City of Piedmont. We think your bike commute deserves a safer space for bicycling than ‘sharrows.’


What We Want:

A “4 to 3” redesign, taking the street from 4 lanes, 2 in each direction, to 3 lanes,  a thru lane, center turn lane, and thru lane, plus bike lanes

Restriping the parking bays to back-in diagonal parking such as the new parking on 10th St at MetWest High School

Improving pedestrian crossings with refuge space in the middle of the street

What you can do:

* Sign our Petition in support of bike lanes (coming soon)

* Volunteer to help with outreach to the business district and neighborhoods

* Patronize business in the Grand Lake District and remind them that their customers shop by bike

For more information or to volunteer, contact

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