Oakland Urban Paths

The Oakland Urban Paths (OUP) is a group of dedicated walkers, planners, historians and fundraisers with a common mission: to raise awareness of the paths and Oakland’s heritage.

In 2009 OUP helped update a pathways condition inventory of Oakland’s paths and stairs.  All that data is used by the Public Works Agency in prioritizing which pathways to repair.  Become a WOBO member and get a free map that show you where these pathways are, or purchase one at a local bike or walking shop. OUP hosts walking treks held monthly on second Saturdays of the month.

Find out more here: oaklandurbanpaths.org.

Our walks blend neighborhood history with routes through many public stairways and pathways. Walks in 2013 have included:
  • January – Stairs Four Ways: This walk spanned the Eastlake and Cleveland Heights neighborhoods. The walk highlighted the differences in access and quality in different stairways throughout the neighborhood. The walk also passed by the site of the former Borax Smith estate and the Henry J Kaiser mansion.
  • February – Lakeshore to Glenview: February’s walk explored the many stairways of the Trestle Glen neighborhood, linking Lakeshore to Glenview.  Many of the neighborhoods in this walk were designed and laid out by the famous Olmstead Brothers firm, designed of New York City’s Central Park.
  • March – Explore Oakmore: Starting at Leimert Bridge over the Sausal Creek Canyon, this walk trekked up the hills of the Oakmore neighborhood out to Oakland’s iconic Mormon Temple. The walk included a visit with the Friends of Sausal Creek, who are working hard to restore ecology in Diamond Canyon Park.
  • April – Pathways to Parklets: This walk featured Oakland’s pilot project “Parklets”, street parking that is converted into small public area for sitting, congregating and enjoying the street. In between the two parklets on the route, the walk traveled on many stairways along the course of Glen Echo Creek.
  • May – Mother’s Day Walk: For Mother’s Day, OUP led a walk featuring Oakland’s beautiful Rose Garden. The walk also was OUP’s first trek through private property to reach another street (we got permission).
  • June – Oaklavia!: Oakland Urban Paths took a breather in June and folded our monthly walk into the Love Our Lake Day/Oaklavia by the Lake.
  • July – Watershed Walk: July’s walk will be co-lead by Waterfront Action, an advocacy organization dedicated to open access to the waterfront for all Oakland’s residents.  We will travel along new sections of the Bay Trail from Union Point Park to the MLK Shoreline, stopping in the quirky artist neighborhood of Jingletown along the way.