Walk Oakland Bike Oakland is a grassroots people powered organization. Join one of our committees, email the committee chair, or attend the next meeting to get more involved.

Membership & Outreach Committee

Help us build our base of WOBO supporters! The Membership and Outreach Committee discuss strategy for building our base of members and volunteers, as well as for communicating our message. If you’re looking for an opportunity to help WOBO expand our reach, this is it!

Contact: info@wobo.org

Policy Committee

Committee Chair, Dave Campbell

  • Write letters commenting bicycle, pedestrian and transit impacts of proposed projects
  • Help prepare and organize speakers to influence Planning Commission and City Council decisions
  • Draft white papers and propose policies, work with decision-makers to propose and implement policies
  • Track important developments in bicycle and pedestrian policy
  • Participate in community outreach efforts for planning efforts
  • Work with neighborhood stakeholders to build consensus for bicycle and pedestrian improvements

Fundraising Committee

Committee Chair, Meryl Stein

WOBO has an exciting year planned for 2014 which the fundraising committee will play a crucial role in enabling events and activities to take place. Some of the tasks the the fundraising committee will work on include:

  • Write proposals to recruit business members
  • Find grants (research and find requirements of)
  • Write grants
  • Recruit businesses