It’s time to make San Pablo Avenue a street that’s designed for people.

As an arterial road serving four Alameda County cities – Oakland, Emeryville, Berkeley and Albany as well as those beyond in Contra Costa  County- and many neighborhoods, San Pablo Avenue for most of its length is a busy, congested street for motor vehicles and in its current state unwelcoming to other aspects  of multi-modal transportation including cycling and walking.

Our Work

In 2019 Alameda County launched the San Pablo Avenue Corridor Project to identify short- and long-term improvements that address the increasing multimodal demands along the San Pablo Avenue Corridor.  Some of the needs WOBO and its fellow organizations have independently identified are:

  • Protected bike lanes the whole way
  • Bus only lanes the whole way
  • Safest pedestrian crossings

Currently the Alameda County Transportation Commission (ACTC) is in the scoping phase of the San Pablo Avenue Corridor Project, focusing on targeted small-scale changes to improve pedestrian, bicyclist, and transit rider safety with an anticipated construction initiation in 2022.  Near-term improvements are slated to include:

  • Pedestrian safety improvements, such as pedestrian curb ramps and crossing improvements
  • Bicycle safety improvements to provide a comfortable and continuous route along the corridor
  • Transit priority treatments such as dedicated bus lanes to improve travel time and reliability, transit signal priority, signal modernization and coordination, and enhanced bus stops
Please see ACTC’s Project Fact Sheet for more details.