14th Street Redesign


14th Street just received a $10.5 million grant to redesign the street with protected bike lanes and safer pedestrian crossing.

Our Work

14th Street is a great local street and a key bike route connection to Downtown. It connects both East Lake and West Oakland to popular destinations Downtown such as City Hall, BART, and a growing number of restaurants, night clubs and clothing shops. The problem–no bike lanes. Because 14th Street is not a major arterial nor a major bus corridor, it is ripe for a redesign for better walking and bicycling. Thanks to our persistence in pushing for safety improvements, Oakland received a $10.5 million State Active Transportation grant in December 2016 to completely redesign the street with protected bike lanes, more rational traffic behavior and safe pedestrian crossings.

WOBO members have remained committed to this campaign over the past few years. We were out on the street talking with commuters and local businesses, organized morning energizer stations on Bike to Work Day, and helped develop the concept for 14th Street (shown above). Things finally started to happen in 2015, when Plan Downtown Oakland launched, which redesigned 14th Street with world-class bikeways. With the new OakDOT, new grant, and passage of the voter-approved $600 million from Measure KK in 2016, 14th Street has a bright future for local businesses, residents and commuters alike.

Working closely with Bike East Bay, WOBO has developed several potential design options for 14th Street. We want to hear your thoughts on what design would best suit your biking or walking style: 14th Street Design Options to Consider.

Get Involved

  1. Shop the businesses on 14th Street and make sure they know you walk and bike to shop.
  2. Let us know which design for 14th Street you prefer. Take a look at these options and then cast your vote.
  3. We want your pretty neighborhood photos! Take a flattering picture of your neighborhood’s street and send it to: info@wobo.org. We’ll use it to promote positive change.
  4. Patronize the business and get to know the manager/owner.
  5. Request a bike rack at your favorite business (or on-street bike corral like the one in front of Kamdesh Restaurant on 14th Street at Webster Street).
    • Remind business owners that the City of Oakland will install free bike racks on the sidewalk in front of their business. All they have to do ask.
    • Contact Jennifer Stanley, Bicycle & Pedestrian Facilities Coordinator, at jstanley@oaklandnet.com
    • If the business already has a bike rack out front, thank them for that and let them know you appreciate it. Don’t be shy about bringing your bike helmet inside with you as a good prop!

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